July 29, 2020 2 min read

This is not a joke. You really do ask me for thongs all the time.

Men’s underwear in LED Queen’s colorful aesthetic would make a great product line. In fact, I recommend thongs as one of the best undergarments for our spandex tights. However, I want to tell you why I want to make thongs for you, but can’t yet.

I launched LED Queens in 2016, since then, I have been sole owner and operator. It’s a small company. Right now we have one amazing part time employee, Kelly Boner, who is our staff writer. I had plans to hire since early 2019, but COVID-19 changed those plans. We are a bootstrapped startup, and we are proud of it.

Right now, LED Queens can make these products easily: bodybuilding tights, spandex shorts, singlets, joggers, silkies shorts, hoodies, winter caps, baseball hats, and accessories, like fanny packs and backpacks. But t you have asked me for thongs, speedos, more singlets and underwear. 

The best way we can get to the stage where we can manufacture thongs and other great fitness apparel for you is to spread the word. Yes. I am asking for you to tell your friends about the unique things that are happening here, and to encourage them to shop LEDQueens. If I am able to increase our growth in 2020, new categories like underwear will become a reality in 2021. 

Just like in fitness and bodybuilding, it’s best to achieve goals through dedication and incremental steps. There are no shortcuts. I already have designs ready for thongs, but I need to wait for the day when LED Queens has the budget and resources to move into that category.

I am so happy you are along for the ride as you see this small queer company grow. If you have questions about all our products, please ask! And don’t forget that the Fall collection is coming! Our Fall drops start right after Labor Day, and we will be doing our weekly drop on Thursdays at 3 pm Central every week all the way through Black Friday! YEP! The Fall collection will include tights, shorts, hoodies, tees, hats and yes, singlets!

(In the image above I'm wearing the Queer Punks Trans Pride tee and Ice Cream bodybuilding tights.)

Cesar Torres
Founder and Designer
LED Queens