Rebirth: Frequently Asked Questions


Updated August 2023

As you now know, I decided to close up shop on June 30. It’s for a good reason. The business is profitable, but I have other creative and personal needs I want to address. But great news!. It's time for a re-birth. I have decided to upgrade the business model of LED Queens. Going forward, we will be releasing our products as capsule collections. Below are some questions that have arisen from customers and community members.

Will you be shutting down the LED Queens website permanently?

Not at all. We plan to keep the site active indefinitely. It will also continue to be a shopping destination for our customers once we kick off capsule collections.

Does this mean you're currently not selling any products AT ALL?

We of course continue to sell! Here's what's being offered right now:

  • My sci-fi books for purchase in the Books section of our navigation menu
  • A small summer collection that features some hats and tees that you can pick up now while we work on the upcoming rebirth.

What the hell is a capsule collection anyway?

A capsule collection is a limited-time offering of a carefully curated clothing or accessories, consisting of a small number of pieces. When a capsule drops, customers usually have a very short amount of time (usually just a handful of days) to purchase the drop before it sells out or the time window closes.

Will you be re-releasing previous products and prints again?

Nope! Everything we sold through June 30, 2023 is now a collectors item. We will never release those again. And what that means is that the upcoming capsule collections will be completely new, reimagined, fresh, and QAF.

What will happen to your socials?

Here’s the plan:

  • We will be doubling down on our TikToks! That’s our most successful platform to date, and even though I won’t have new products to sell, I will continue to make posts about LGBTQ rights, Pride in fitness spaces, body positivity, gender-inclusive fashion, and, of course, spandex obsession.
  • We will stop posting new content to our Instagram, but we will leave DMs open indefinitely to stay in touch with LED Fans.
  • We will retain the @ledqueens handle on Twitter, but we will not service that account at all. It continues to be a social space that attacks POC, queer folks, and especially trans folks, and they don’t deserve our time and attention.

If you have any more questions you want to ask for our FAQ, send us an email!