Pumps: Our Loyalty Program


I want to introduce you to Pumps, our loyalty program for LED Queens customers. It’s a free and easy way for you to earn points (which we call pumps) to get major discounts off your future purchases!

How Does It Work?

You earn pumps with every purchase you make or friends you refer. You can redeem your pumps to unlock discounts and other perks in our store

 Ways To Earn Pumps

* Place an order in our store: Earn 5 Pumps for every $1 you spend

* Celebrate your birthday: 50 Pumps!

* Sign up to to the program for the first time: 100 Pumps

Ways To Spend Your Pumps

* $5 off Discount: 1000 Pumps

* $15 Discount: 2500 Pumps

* $25 Discount: 4500 Pumps

 Refer a Friend and You Both Get Discounts

Give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase!

* They get $5 off discount

* You get a $5 off discount

Registering Is Easy

You will find a pink floating button on every page of our web site. It will be labeled “Loyalty Program” or feature the cartoon version of LED Queens founder Cesar Torres as an icon. Just click on the button and we will guide through the process of registering. Sound good? If you have any questions, you can also send us an email.