Wash & Care

The Best Way to Wash LED Queens Spandex Products

Following these instructions will help your gear last longer and perform at its best. Please note, this guide is for poly/spandex garments specifically, and other fabrics may require different care.

Washing Instructions:

  1. Machine Wash: Turn your bodybuilding tights and shorts inside out before washing. This helps prevent any direct friction to the fabric and maintains the color and print quality.

  2. Cold Water: Use cold water to wash your garments. Hot water can break down fabrics and lead to shrinkage.

  3. Mild Detergent: Use a mild, non-biological detergent. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners as they can break down the spandex and cause the garments to lose their elasticity.

  4. Delicate Cycle: Wash on a delicate cycle to protect the fibers of the fabric. If possible, use a laundry bag to further protect your gear.

Drying Instructions:

  1. Avoid the Dryer: Do not tumble dry these garments. The high heat can break down the synthetic fibers.

  2. Air Dry: Allow your bodybuilding tights and shorts to air dry. Lay them flat in a well-ventilated area. Avoid direct sunlight as it can fade colors and break down the fabric.

  3. Don't Iron: Avoid ironing these garments. If wrinkles persist, try hanging them in the bathroom during a shower. The steam should help release the wrinkles.

General Care Tips:

  1. Wash After Every Use: Washing after every wear will help to remove sweat and oils that can break down the fabric.

  2. Separate Colors: To prevent color bleeding, separate darks from lights.

  3. Close Zippers: If your garments have zippers, ensure they are zipped up to avoid them catching on the fabric during the wash.

  4. Avoid Rough Surfaces: Rough surfaces can cause snags and tears, so be cautious when sitting or leaning against such surfaces.

By following these care instructions, your poly/spandex bodybuilding tights and shorts will stay in great shape, maintaining their color, fit, and elasticity for as long as possible. Enjoy your workout!