October 14, 2020 3 min read

Posted on Wednesday, October 14

LED Queens is looking for a bright mind to join our team as we continue to expand our reach across our product line. Info below:

LED Queens Community Manager

We’re in search of a talented mind and a creative spirit who can elevate LED Queens’ mission of advocacy for LGBTQ people to a new level. We are currently hiring a part-time Community Manager, who can increase engagement and build audiences across our various social channels. Though we are a small business, we have two separate verticals: our brand of fitnesswear, and services we provide to LGBTQ gamers. Our Community Manager’s mission will be to serve the needs of those communities and create programming throughout the year to coincide with seasonal events and product launches for the brand


  • Create an editorial schedule for social media posts for Twitter, Instagram and working daily with founder Cesar Torres to generate new content ideas.
  • Moderate our Discord server for our gaming audience.
  • Manage our fitness Facebook group, which is available only to LED Queens Fitnesswear customers.
  • Make occasional content updates to our Patreon sites for our verticals.
  • Create campaigns to drive subscriptions and sales of our products.
  • Publish select LED Queens newsletters on platforms like Mailchimp or Klaviyo.
  • Moderate our gaming livestreams, which take place three to four times a week. At the start, we only ask you to moderate one a week, but that schedule can expand based on performance.
  • Review analytics and optimizing content to meet audience needs and demands.
  • Work in Photoshop and video editing software to produce photos, videos and other multimedia for our social platforms.


  • A bachelor’s degree in journalism, technology, liberal arts, business administration or marketing. We do also welcome applicants without a university degree, but be prepared to show us your best work in your application materials and portfolio. Applications with missing materials will not be accepted.
  • At least 3 years experience managing online communities and/or social media accounts. Yes, this can include your personal platform’s social media.
  • A portfolio of your work. We want to see campaigns you have published, streams you have hosted, and events you have organized.
  • Experience with fitness culture and/or gaming culture. If you only have experience in one but are excited to also learn about the other, you are applying at the right place.
  • 2 references who can speak to you work in managing communities and your presence on social platforms. 


This position is 100 percent remote. Organizationally, we use Slack to manage workflow across timezones. All our work is time shifted except for our streams, which happen live.

What It's Like to Work at LED Queens

When you work with me, you will get the pleasure of working on projects that happen on time, get paid out on time, and which are made by an artist who is gay, queer, and a person of color. But I’m not always easy. My working style is creative yet precise, requires a lot of interaction with me, and may sometimes feel like it’s so detail oriented that you just want to take an Advil. When you work with me, you will not be getting emails from me in the middle of the night, but when the work is happening, I will push you to your limits to get the best work from you. It’s a hands-on way to learn how to work like a pro. At the same time, I treat all my employees with respect. I welcome employees of any gender, sexuality, and of all backgrounds, religious affiliations.


This job is a contract position. We will work together during a trial period first, to make sure it’s a good fit. Pay rate is commensurate with experience, but the base rate is $12 an hour. We are looking to start at about 8-10 hours a week, and that can increase based on your performance on your objectives.

How to Apply

Send an email to this email address, and please include the following:

🔎  Your portfolio: 2-4 examples of your published work as a writer and social media manager. That can include blog posts, marketing copy, Instagram captions, news articles, etc. Only show me your best work.

🔎  Tell me your dream. Is it to be the best marketer in the world? To write fitness ebooks? To be a streamer? Tell me.

🔎 Tell me who is your favorite content creator on social media, and tell me why.

🔎 Take a look at my the LED Queens web site, our Instagram and our Tik Tok account, and tell me two things you would suggest to improve our storytelling.