January 21, 2020 3 min read

What I love most about myLED Queens designs is the lines they create on the body, and the form-fitting smooth spandex makes a strong statement. When I first started wearing my products, I realized quickly that underwear could make or break the look and feel of my tights and singlet. One of my priorities is to make officialLED Queens underwear in the near future, but perfect products take time to create.

In the meantime, I wanted you to know which underwear I recommend from third-party sellers and why! Read on to determine the right choice for you.

A Note On What I DON'T Recommend

Boxer shorts, boxer briefs, and tightie whities are all out. These options bunch up, ride up, are generally not made of moisture-wicking materials. They will create ugly lines and bunched up fabric, breaking the smooth surface of the tights. Overall, they will draw more unwanted attention than if you didn't wear more efficient and aesthetic underwear.

The Best Dance Belt: Dance Jox Dance Belt

A dance belt is used by ballet dancers to smooth out the details of your genitals and create more of a modest look. I've found this particular brand offers the same support as jock straps without the strap lines on the side and back that the jock creates. A dance belt is perfect for avoiding any underwear or visible penis lines (VPL), but just remember that the cup is padded like a woman’s bra. It’s gonna go on extra firm and strap you in. Dance Jox is the most comfortable of all the dance belts I have ever tested. If it’s good enough for a ballet dancer to move all day in rehearsal or at a show, it’s also good enough for you.



The Best Jockstrap:Gym Workout Jockstrap with 2" Waistband

The jockstrap is the new and queer American classic and it has become a true fashion item for a lot of gay men. I picked the GYM brand jockstrap because it's super affordable, and because it's well suited for actual sports, gym and fitness activities. It's got good support and gives your body a nice shape. However, the straps will show up on the sides and back of the tights, so you might want to consider all my recommendations before choosing this option.

Note: I do not recommend this jock for runners, because it's made of cotton.



The Best Thong:Gary Majdell Solid Thong Swimsuit

A swimsuit? Hell yeah. For starters, it's unlined, which makes this thong great as sports underwear. The nylon/spandex fabric wicks sweat and provides support, without mashing down the genitals. It's comfortable, and it will not show underwear lines on the sides and back of the tights. At such a low price, it's easy enough to buy a pair to try it out with activities in tights. Most thongs are not made for movement and activity, and that's why this nylon/spandex thong is my favorite to pair withLED Queens tights. Plus, they're portable AF and you can throw a pair in almost any bag.


What About Going Commando?

I am gay and queer, and I fully support your freedom of choice to present the way you want. Of course, you can go commando if you choose to do so. Just be sure to think about safe spaces. Pride events, queer parties, EDM festivals and kink events will give you way more freedom with a dress code, but you may run into problems if your local gym is not very queer friendly or is just plainly conservative. No matter what you choose, we support your queerness.

All right, you've got all my tried and true recommendations! I've personally used and tested all of these products with my full line of gym appare, and I can say with confidence whichever you choose will have you looking and feeling your queerest and strongest. 

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