November 14, 2019 2 min read

A singlet is no longer just a uniform for the wrestling mat or the powerlifting platform, and if you're in the LGBTQ community, you have known this for a very long time. Gay and queer folks have been using the singlet as a fashion statement for at least two decades. That means that the singlet has reached a new critical mass as a garment of personal style of the queer kind. As designer of the LED Queens brand, I know that many of our LED fans wear singlets in gym settings, but also at queer parties, EDM festivals, Pride celebrations, and more. And that's why I am proud to release SuperNature, a new singlet for 2019.

One of the almost weekly requests I get as a designer for LED Queens is for wrestling singlets; in fact, they were one of my first products I ever designed for my How to Kill a Superhero books. After six months of development I'm bringing them to you stronger, sleeker, and better than ever as an official LED Queens release. I've worked long and hard to get you these singlets because I knew you wanted them!

In case you are curious, the construction of the SuperNature wrestling singlet is made for powerlifting meets. I designed this garment for actual sports and movement. And that means you can feel very comfortable squatting and deadlifting in it. NOTE: Depending on the powerlifting league you compete in, this singlet may not be legal for competing. Always be sure to check your registration materials to make sure. Our singlet also has the LED Queens logo on the back, and some competitions ban any logos or text on singlets.

These new singlets are special to me, because the look is inspired directly from the science fiction world of my books, with an added dash of my love of electronic music. This unique combination of gradients and futuristic chevrons is available only through LED Queens.

Get Yours Now!

Currently we have all sizes but I know this singlet is going to be in high demand throughout the holiday season. Nab yours now to become your own gym superhero (or in anticipation of some warm weather EDM festivals, Pride events and queer parties).