November 10, 2019 2 min read

Recently I asked LED Queens customers to share their fitness stories with me, so we could celebrate their hard work and their quests to become the queerest and strongest in the gym. When LED Fan Steven Crespo told me about his training, I knew the community would find it inspiring.

Steven’s story in his words: “In 2016, after years of weight swings due to metabolic issues, I reached my heaviest and unhealthiest point. I hired a trainer at my gym, and began my fat loss journey. I lost 50 poundsat 5' tall, that was almost one third of me! Eventually my trainer convinced me to compete in a men’s physique competition as a natural bodybuilder. Me a bodybuilder?! Ha! But I went with it, and I won multiple first places and my pro card on my first attempt! I continued training, and now I’m also champ. I have placed in top five in classic physique and bodybuilding divisions in natural organizations and the National Physique Committee. I decided I wanted to help others in their own journeys, and almost two years later, here I am as a certified personal trainer!"

Steven also had enthusiastic words for LED Queens: "Your line has an amazing fit. The 3/4 lengths are perfect for my height a they are almost full length on me, and the tees fit perfect as well so far! I’m loving your stuff!!” (Steven is wearing the Queerest Strongest Muscle Tee in his featured photo).

You can follow Steven and his journey at his IG profile.

Editor's Note: Most LED Queens fans tend to be LGBTQ+ people who care a lot about their fitness. I am proud to offer LED fans a place where we are proud to show our faces and announce that we are Queer Punks, and we like to feature real customers on the blog.