Coronavirus Update

February 26, 2020 3 min read

There's no escaping the news about the coronavirus right now, and perhaps you’re worried about its impact. I’m hoping this message will help ease your concerns and provide approaches to staying healthy.

I worked for 25 years as a journalist for Condé Nast, Wirecutter (now part of the New York Times), Chicago Tribune, and Encyclopaedia Britannica. One thing I learned during crisis is that early access to good, reputable knowledge is essential for both individuals and communities. At LED Queens my mission is to help improve the fitness lives of LGBTQ folks, and that includes sharing what I know about issues that can impact our health on a global scale. The World Health Organization has not named coronavirus an official pandemic yet, but the virus is causing disruption already.

Today’s newsletter is purely informational, and is not medical advice. But I do want to share with you ways I am approaching the phenomenon as an individual and as a business owner.

Queer Punks Don’t Panic, They Gather Knowledge

The news coverage of the disease is spotty. Main news outlets like New York Times, Washington Post and the BBC are publishing many updates, but some of this reporting lacks hard science to connect the dots. Here are some resources that really convey the big picture:

Practical Approaches to Staying Safe

I live in Chicago. It’s a major metropolis and home to O’Hare airport, one of the largest hubs of international air traffic in the world. It doesn’t take a statistician or PhD to figure out that the virus is likely already spreading here in the city, especially with the incubation period estimate at 14-24 days.

This is not a time to panic. What I do to stay safe:

  • Read copiously to stay informed.
  • Aim for 8-9 hours of sleep to keep my immune system strong.
  • Manage stress to help my immune system.
  • Keep training at the gym six days a week and eat well. (I am not scared of infection at the gym, even though it’s a large shared space. We still don’t know enough about the situation to know if gyms are high-risk places.)
  • Wash my hands often, and for 20-30 seconds each time.

I am not avoiding public places, public transit or activities yet. There’s no need to do so, because as Americans we are still missing key information and messaging from public health officials. So this is my approach to staying safe.

Will the Virus Disrupt LED Queens Products?

Right now the supply chains affected by coronavirus are the consumer electronics industries. However, it’s likely that the fashion industry will also be impacted. So far there have been zero delays or slowdowns with my suppliers. If issues arise, I will send you updates through this LED Queens newsletter.

I hope you find this type of information useful. LED Queens isn’t solely about gorgeous queers getting fit in colorful tights, it’s about making your whole lifestyle come together, and tying it in with good health. If you have any tips or feedback for me, please reply to this email so I can hear from you. And please forward this to any folks who may benefit from this note.

Cesar Torres
Founder and Designer
LED Queens