LED Queens Is Hiring a Marketing Writer, and We Need a Queer Punk!

October 03, 2019 3 min read

I am Cesar Torres, the founder and designer of LED Queens. My brand has grown incredibly in the past three years, and I am happy to tell you that I’m hiring for a new position in my team. 


This part-time position is perfect for a marketing writer, copy writer or even a journalist who needs a side gig. Writing for LED Queens will give you new experiences in the world of product design, fitness apparel and fitness media in a startup environment. You don’t have to have a writing degree from a university, but it helps.

You should be someone who moves comfortably in the world of online publishing, deadlines, and in particular, writing and editing. You will be working primarily on writing content for newsletters for my brand. If you have experience with Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or Klaviyo, that’s a huge plus.

My brand of storytelling is a hard remix of queerness, futurism, and a passion for fitness.If you are not excited about all three of these areas, you should not apply.

You will be working directly with me, Cesar Torres, on writing weekly and monthly marketing content that is delivered to customers via their inbox.

Here’s what it’s like:

When you work with me, you will get the pleasure of working on projects that happen on time, get paid out on time, and which are made by an artist who is gay, queer, and a person of color. But I am not always easy. My working style is very precise, requires a lot of interaction with me, and may sometimes feel like it’s so detail oriented that you just want to take an Advil. I will also ask you to read through written materials when we do planning on shoots or I create specs. If you’re not a fan of reading, this is not your place. When you work with me, you will not be getting emails from me in the middle of the night, but when the work is happening, I will push you to your limits to get the best work from you. It’s a hands-on way to learn how to work like a pro. At the same time, I treat all my employees with respect. I welcome employees of any gender expression, sexuality, and of all backgrounds, religious affiliations. I strongly discourage bigots, homophobes and prudes from applying. 


This position is completely remote, but it helps a lot if you are based in Chicago. The work is done through Slack, Google Docs, and our newsletter software. If you’re in Chicago, I like to meet once or twice a month in person with you to touch base, but you are free to work on your own in whatever location you choose.


I work exclusively using Slack. I don’t use email or text for projects. Slack allows you and I to have a nice separation of work and personal life. I use Slack only during general business hours, unless we are doing a night or weekend shoot.


This is a freelance/contract gig, and I pay a flat fee or hourly rate, depending on your level experience. If you’re new to freelancing, please keep in mind that you will have to set aside money and pay your own taxes.


Send an email to this email address, and please include the following:

🔎 A link to 2-3 examples of your published work. That can include blog posts, marketing copy, Instagram captions, news articles, etc. Only show me your best work.

🔎 Tell me your dream. Is it to be the best marketing writer the world? To write fitness ebooks? To be a New York editor? Tell me.

🔎 Tell me who is your favorite written storytelling brand, and why

🔎 Tell me how your fitness and health fit in with your professional life

🔎 Take a look at my the LED Queens web site and Instagram, and tell me two things you would suggest to improve their visual storytelling


If we at LED Queens like what you bring to the table, we’ll reach out to you. We send a sample editorial edit test to see what you can come up with. For this test, I’ll send you sample of writing from our newsletters, and you will be asked to re-write and edit it. That will give you a chance to show us your creativity. No stress, just super fun work. We will make a decision from there.