Classic Muscle Daddy High-Waisted, Plus-Size Bodybuilding Tights (Black/Blue)


Empower your fitness journey with our Classic Muscle Daddy Plus-Size, High-Waisted Bodybuilding Tights, another masterpiece from our LED Queens Essentials. Specifically crafted for sizes XL-3XL, these tights don't just 'fit'; they truly celebrate you. Say goodbye to waistbands that roll down and ankles that squeeze too tight—this design is all about comfort, style, and functionality.

🌟 Main Features:
👕 Material: Moisture-wicking poly/spandex
🌠 Shine Factor: Semi-Matte
👖 Fit: High-Waisted, specially designed to prevent waistband from rolling down
🦵 Leg Opening: Wide ankle design for easy wear
🎨 Color: Versatile colorway to mix and match with any outfit
🛠️ Construction: Crafted for hard workouts and casual wear alike
👑 Size: Available in XL-3XL only
💪 Body-Positive and Performance Ready:
These tights are not just a style statement; they're a love letter to every curve and muscle on your body. Our high-waist design ensures that you won't be pulling up your tights mid-workout, letting you focus on what's really important: your performance.

🌈 Add Some Color to Your Workouts:
The versatile colorway means you can explore multiple outfit combinations, making every trip to the gym an exciting style journey.


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Commonly Asked Questions

What's Your Return and Exchange Policy?

  • We offer FREE returns and exchanges for United States customers
  • We offer paid returns for international customers. The customer must pay for all shipping fees when sending back their return. No exchanges allowed.

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Do these tights have a drawstring?

No they don't. LED Queens tights feature a flat, ultra-comfortable waist band.

I am in between sizes. Should I go up or down a size?

These high-waisted tights run larger than our classic tights, so if you're between sizes, stay at your size or go a size down. If you need one-on-one help finding your size, shoot us an email, and we will help you out.

What activities are these good for?

These tights are perfect for weightlifting, Crossfit, cardio, yoga, aerials, and also everyday wear.

Do these tights have padding or a liner in the front?

No. They offer a single layer of spandex without padding or liners. If you're curious about underwear options, check out our underwear FAQ.

Do these tights go transparent if I bend over?

No they don't. Our fabric is opaque and will not become see through during your workouts.

What underwear should I wear under these tights?

For the answer, please check out our Tiktok tutorial or watch our YouTube video below: