9 Lords of Night: Paperback by Cesar Torres


9 Lords of Night is the brand new thriller from the mind of author Cesar Torres. Set in the same universe he created in his debut novel 13 Secret Cities, 9 Lords of Night goes in new directions, bursting the boundaries of what a thriller can be. This pre-sale is for the autographed paperback of the book, which will release in April of 2018. The book will be personally personalized and autographed by the author and delivered to your home.

This book ships September 25, 2018.


Manhattan is about to be slammed by a Nor’easter in October, and just as the snow begins to fall, a killer begins his hunt. He writes symbols on his victim and removes their hearts. His nickname: The Night Drinker. Nestor Buñuel is the best NYPD detective to investigate the case, which will be his last before retirement. But this is unlike any case he has worked before. Buñuel becomes a pawn in the hands of this ritualistic killer, who is driven to evil by a long-lost movie called 9 Lords of Night, a powerful film rumored to be the work of both a genius and madman. This new thriller from the mind of author Cesar Torres is a descent into a surreal nightmare, in which detective Buñuel moves toward a destiny that he can’t escape.