January 25, 2023 2 min read

The Pink Triangle’s Powerful History

LED Queens is a brand that honors the powerful and meaningful symbol of the pink triangle. As a symbol of LGBTQ liberation, the pink triangle has a rich and important history. During World War II, the Nazis forced gay men in concentration camps to wear the pink triangle sewn onto their clothing. This symbol of persecution has since been reclaimed by the LGBTQ community and is now a symbol of pride and acceptance since the 1970’s, and it continues to serve as motif for liberation through the present.

Archival Images of Concentration Camps in World War II
Archival image of World War II concentration camp (Image from website of the Republic of Poland)


The Symbolism Behind the LED Queens Logo

At LED Queens, we have taken this symbol and flipped it upside down, adding three more triangles to create our company logo. This design choice represents the idea that we are living in a new era of humanity, one where LGBTQ rights and acceptance are becoming more widespread. However, we never forget our queer past and the struggles that members of the LGBTQ community have faced.

The LED Queens of The Coil: Strength, Power, and Positive Impact

Our company logo is also an Easter egg from my book series, The Coil. In the series, the LED Queens are three AIs that travel through time to help humanity. They often take form by becoming massive triangles of red and pink light. In the books, the LED Queens represent strength, power, and the ability to transcend time and space to make a positive impact on the world. This is a message that we at LED Queens strive to convey through our brand and our products.

LED Queens Logo
LED Queens was launched, featuring this logo, in 2017


LED Queens: Honoring Our Queer Past, Embracing Our Future

We believe that it is important to remember and honor the past, while also looking towards the future. The pink triangle is a symbol that holds deep meaning for the LGBTQ community, and by flipping it and adding two more triangles, we are symbolizing a new era of progress and acceptance. At LED Queens, we are proud to use this branding to contribute to the ongoing fight for LGBTQ rights and acceptance. Keep it queer.