Queer Punks Barbell Club Bodybuilding Tights


If you like to squat, bench and deadlift, come join our club. The new Queer Punks Barbell Club tights are perfect for your toughest workouts, and to show the world who you are. The Queer Punks Barbell Club is displayed on the quad, and the pattern is a very subtle gray mesh that keeps your looks clean and athletic.

• Fabric is 82% polyester, 18% spandex
• Four-way stretch
• Elastic waistband


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Size Guide

XS: Waist Sizes 22-24
S: Waist Sizes 26-30
M: Waist Sizes 32-34
L: Waist Sizes 36-38
XL: Waist Sizes 40-42

Returns and Exchanges

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Commonly Asked Questions

What underwear should I wear under these tights?

For the answer, please check out our video below: