How to Kill a Supehero: Transformation Fetish Paperback By Pablo Greene


Transformation Fetish has been hailed by fans of the How to Kill a Superhero series as a moment when the stakes get raised even higher for Roland, the young man who is forever transformed by the magic of the book The Golden Man. Find out how Pablo Greene (whose alter ego is Cesar Torres) entered the imaginations of readers around the world with the book series that blends elements of horror, thrillers, romance and erotica.


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Superheroes aren’t born, they’re made. In Roland’s case, the occult book The Golden Man has granted him superpowers and the body of a god. But the book has also cursed him by heightening his lust for bondage, pain and superhero fetish. They are as insatiable as his hunger for the book’s mystical secrets. Roland and his lover Stefan Pendley must destroy the creature The Crimson Hand, which shadows them around the world. In this third volume in the series, Roland has descended in the New York City, home of Richard Starck, a key leader of the leather world, who will draw Roland and Stefan into Ritual, the city’s largest fetish event. As Roland learns more about his powers, he will face gruesome supernatural secrets as he seeks to prevent the apocalypse. How to Kill a Superhero dares to visit the darkest corners of the superhero genre, where horror, science fiction, and sex converge. This tale takes readers on a ride into the erotic they won’t soon forget.