80's Retro Grape Wrestling Singlet

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Our new 80's Retro Grape Wrestling Singlet is here to boost your sense of fun and color for your fitness, weightlifting or bodybuilding lifestyle. We took the best looks of the 80's aesthetic, nixed the homophobia of that decade, and the result? This sleek, body-enhancing singlet perfect for your home workouts, gym work or socially distanced dance parties. This time, we are giving you maximum grape flavor. We only made limited amounts of this singlet, so get it while it's hot!


This product is best sized according to your body weight. Trust us on this.

  • Material is 80% Polyamid/Nylon, 20% Elastane/Spandex
  • Sizing Info

The best way to figure out your size is by weight in pounds:

SMALL 106 - 130 lbs

MEDIUM 131-160 lbs

LARGE 161-190 lbs

XL 191-220 lbs

2XL 221-250 lbs

3XL 251+ lbs

Commonly Asked Questions

What's the shine factor on this singlet?

This singlet is matte.

What's the level of compression on this singlet?

This singlet offers higher compression than other singlets we have made in the past. This fabric will help you with more support and enhance your shape. If you're used to our older singlets, please keep in mind that this new singlet will feel tighter than the ones we released before August, 2021.

Is that a gradient (ombre effect) on the purple bars of the fabric?

That's correct. The shades of purple change throughout the singlet to enhance your shape and your muscles. It has a gradient on purpose!

Why does this product sell out so fast in my size?

LED Queens is a very small company, and we make singlets in small batches. We do, however, restock them often.

Will this singlet become transparent if I bend over?

Not at all. At LED Queens, we make sportswear that's made for heavy duty performance. This fabric will stay opaque even if you bend over or move a lot.

What underwear should I wear under this singlet?

For the answer, please check out our video below about what underwear to wear under tights. It applies to singlets as well!

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