August 20, 2018 2 min read

I am proud to announce the very first LED Queens Sponsored Athlete today. I want you to meet Joe Martin from the UK. He will be an LED Queens sponsored athlete over the next year, and we will join in his journey as he competes in Crossffit meets. Joe’s first sponsored meet will be at the Rainhill/Mixed Pairs competition in Manchester September 29. He will wear an exclusive custom uniform designed by LED Queens.

We still have two more spots open for sponsorships, so if you are interested, check out our application page and apply.

Photo Credit: Pete Williamson Photography


And now, more about Joe in his own words:

Joe has had a funny relationship with exercise and body image throughout his life. As a small-town boy growing up in rural England, he played soccer as a child but was never particularly athletic or sporty;. As a gay youth, fear of ridicule and ostracism often prevented him from being more adventurous with team sports.

In his early twenties Joe moved to London and into a job in an office. Before long he had gained unwanted fat, and his weight rose to 220 pounds. He was felt miserable and always out of breath. He hated what he saw in the mirror. At that time, a friend introduced him to CrossFit and Joe was hooked. A year later he’d lost almost fifty pounds of fat and was enjoying all aspects of health and fitness.

By 2013 Joe qualified as a Personal Trainer and CrossFit Coach, had left the office life behind and was working full time in the fitness industry.

Nowadays, he has a colourful and varied approach to training, practicing CrossFit, powerbuilding, Olympic Lifting, swimming and weight training (while avoiding running at all costs), competing in local and national competitions.

You can usually spot Joe in the gym rocking a pair of outrageous tights, partly to draw attention to his legs (his best feature) and partly because he’ll wear whatever he damn well likes and if you don’t like it, that’s your problem.

Joe’s personal philosophy: ‘If it’s not fun, don’t do it.’”