Cubensis 3/4 Bodybuilding Tights


The Cubensis 3/4 Bodybuilding Tights will transport you to a new dimension. Inspired by the world-famous psilocybe cubensis mushroom and the work of mycologist Paul Stamets, the Cubensis Tights make your muscular legs pop with psychedelic color. These tights feature diagonal stripes in shades of icy teal, electric blue, purple and navy. The LED Queens logo is found on the left hip. These tights are perfect for intense gym workouts, weightlifting, yoga, cardio and casual wear.

Main features

  • 82% polyester/18% spandex
  • Shine factor: Semi-Matte
  • 3/4 length on the leg (also known as capri) is perfect for shorter or taller customers
  • Mid-Rise waistband
  • No drawstrings, pockets or zippers
  • A single front seam for a smooth presentation, like ballet tights


We ship world wide, including North America, UK, EU, Asia, South America, Australia and South Africa. We also offer free returns (for U.S. customers only). View our shipping rates.

Size Guide

XS: Waist Sizes 22-24
S: Waist Sizes 26-30
M: Waist Sizes 32-34
L: Waist Sizes 36-38
XL: Waist Sizes 40-42

Returns and Exchanges
We offer free returns for U.S. customers. International orders are final and non-refundable. Check out our return policy.

Commonly Asked Questions

Do these tights have a drawstring?

No they don't. LED Queens tights feature a flat, ultra-comfortable waist band.

Do you offer these as shorts?

Yes! Check out our Cubensis Spandex Shorts. To see all options, also check out our Cubensis Collection.

Do you make these in plus sizes, or a high-waisted version with a panel on the crotch?

Yes we do. Some of our customers prefer a roomier fit, as well as a front panel (also called a gusset) for more room in the crotch. We offer the Cubensis High-Waisted Bodybuilding Tights for that reason.

What activities are these good for?

These tights are perfect for weightlifting, Crossfit, cardio, yoga, aerials, and also everyday wear.

Do these tights have padding or a liner in the front?

No. They offer a single layer of spandex without padding or liners. If you're curious about underwear options, check out our underwear FAQ.

Do these tights go transparent if I bend over?

No they don't. Our fabric is opaque and will not become see through during your workouts.

What underwear should I wear under these tights?

For the answer, please check out our 2021 Tiktok or watch our YouTube video below: